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L'Inconnue de la Seine

Sometime in the late 1800s, the body of a young girl found at a quay by the Seine in Paris. Failed to identify her, but since there were no signs of violence, came the death certificate to be issued to suicide. It is said, perhaps a little speculation that she drowned herself because of unrequited love.

As an attempt to find a name for the "L'Inconnue de la Seine", taken a plaster cast of her beautiful face, a death mask. It was hung outside a shop, but it was not successful for anyone to recognize the about 16-year-old girl. The molding was a popular "art object", and include Albert Camus compared her enigmatic smile with the classic painting the Mona Lisa. She has also been idealized as a kind of erotic model, and was the subject of many poems and books.

Although she probably just was a poor unknown girl, she was after his death known and loved person, and the subject of many dreams and fantasies.

Many years later, in 1950, used the moved Åsmund S. Laerdal her face as a model for a doll to use for training in first aid and CPR.

Rescue Annie has been used for experiments in artificial respiration by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He was convinced that students would be more easily trained with a lifelike mannequin, rather than a strictly functional shape with a hole in the mouth area. She has saved many lives, just not his own.
Millions of people have practiced the life-giving breath of his mouth on her lips.

She has become the most kissed girl. But even the best have not arouse her to live where she could have enjoyed the kisses.

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